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Enhance Results: Exhibit Staff Training and Training for Sales Professionals

Participation in Creative Training Solutions’ workshops measurably enhances participants’ ability to:

  • Be more effective communicators; and
  • Build better business relationships — at all levels of the customer organization or chain of command — on and off the show floor.

Whether the conversation occurs at a trade show, customer event, medical convention, in the customer’s office, or anywhere else, the people representing your company ARE your company in the eyes of your prospects and customers. Since 1989, Creative Training Solutions has taught more than 40,000 people how to interact with prospects and customers more confidently and influentially.

Exhibit Staff Training

We provide practical trade show training, medical convention staff training and booth worker training programs (for people staffing a customer event) that will measurable improve their skills and results. Why train your exhibit staff? According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research 85% of an exhibitor’s success lies in the performance of the staff and their ability to connect with prospects and customers in a meaningful and positive way. Providing professional booth staff training will protect your investment and enhance your ROI.

Live Training Programs Make Exhibit Staff More Effective, Relieve Pressure on Event Managers

Creative Training Solutions offers live training programs that motivate exhibit/event staff to maximize every show floor interaction. Programs are very cost-effective and easy to use. Click here for more information about our live trade show training programs.

Trade Show Training

Training for Sales Professionals

Our curriculum of sales training workshops are designed to be respectful of participants’ knowledge and experience and are customized to be as client specific and relevant as possible. We create an interactive environment and teach practical sales communication skills and strategies. Participation will enhance, among other things, your sales representatives’ ability to:

  • Ask better questions and do a better job of listening;
  • Identify and qualify new sales opportunities;
  • Create cross-selling opportunities by weaving in your company’s key messages;
  • Manage objections, advance the buying/selling process to closure and  book the business; and
  • Earn the right to be perceived as a resource (not a vendor) at all levels of the customer organization or chain of command.

A commitment to providing professional exhibit staff training and/or sales training is a commitment to using all the knowledge and experience at your disposal to improve the probability of your company’s short-and long-term marketing and sales success.

“Sales and Marketing folks both thought your program was outstanding and we know those two groups never agree on anything!”
~ Creative Training Solutions client

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